Our Mission: We are dedicated to partner with you, our patient, providing respect, compassion and comfort to achieve overall systemic health through science and leading-edge technology. We are committed to the quality of your LIFE through the health of your SMILE.

Heart safe gumcare and preventive care appointments.

In very recent years, evidence based studies have found that the bacteria in our mouth are distributed through out the human system in greater concentrations, just after a preventive care appointment or periodontal therapy. In addition, there is clear evidence that the incidence of cardiovascular events goes up significantly after a preventive care appointment that includes scaling and root planning. Those events are directly connected to a systemic septicemia.

The profession of dentistry has been challenged by the medical profession and public health organizations, to become pro-active in reducing the potentially negative impact of oral pathogens in other areas of the body. For years, dentistry has felt that the way preventive care appointments were accomplished was more than adequate... we now know that a new standard of care has emerged. The new standard of care will in fact save lives and extend the lives of the patients we see and treat on a routine basis.

Of the 700 or so bacteria in the human mouth, eleven, to date, have been identified as potentially fatal or hazardous to our health when found elsewhere. We know what those 11 organisms are, we now know how to determine if and when they are present, and finally... we know how to eliminate them and the health threat they pose.

These pathogens travel throughout the body after being swallowed, after being inhaled [especially in snoring], and by entering the blood stream from a bleeding "gum" pocket.

It should be stated, that each of the 11 pathogens, respond differently to different therapies. In many circumstances, the dental team needs to know exactly which ones are present, and in what concentrations they are present in, to develop the only effective method to eliminate them. In addition to polishing and scaling, which only temporarily disrupt them, the therapy must include the effective use of the correct antimicrobial or antibiotic.

There are very few dental teams in Michigan who have been trained to accomplish the above healthy outcomes for their patients. We are of course, honored to have made the investment in our patients' total health and wellness, having been trained to deliver this new standard of health care to you.

There is additional information in our "Health and Wellness" segment that will identify exactly how oral bacteria effect far more than our gum tissue.

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