Local and global events affect us all. At LifeSMILES Dentistry, we care about you as a person and as our dental patient. Feel free to offer feedback about this information and let us know what else we can list here for you.

LifeSMILES Key to Your Advanced Care: Continuing Education

Throughout the year, the LifeSMILES Dentistry team dedicates themselves to attending a variety of continuing education courses and seminars. These events keep the team up-to-date on the latest developments in dental technology, techniques and service, and help to ensure you of receiving state-of-the-art, comfortable care. Here are a few examples of recent continuing education courses attended by your dental team and Community Events that have been attended:

September 2016. Traci and Mandy attended a course provided by The American Academy for Oral Systemic Health(aaosh). Topics included the changing expectations on dental offices, to practice complete health dentistry, to monitor for health risk factors, and STOP inflammation, utilizing sleep medicine and saliva testing and other methods.

September 2016 Rob attended a course related to modern periodontal techniques and procedures.

May 2016. LifeSMILES added Laura and Debra to the team to assist you in your office interactions at LifeSMILES. Our goal is to make your check-in, check-out, and scheduling as smooth and efficient as possible.

May 2016. Rob attended a continuing education class in periodontics for reducing gingival recession, presented by Dr. Joseph Amalfitano of Amalfitano Periodontics.

March 2016. Dr. Kempton, Traci, Carole, Ashley, and Rob attended a continuing education course regarding hygienists and oral systemic health treatment options and techniques. The course was presented by the dental hygiene association in Traverse City.

February 2016. Munson Hospital, Cadillac, presented refresher CPR course to the LifeSMILES team to keep our required CPR certification current.

October 2015. Dr. Arms, Mandy, Lori, and Brandy completed advanced techniques with cerec crown preparation, design, and placement in office with Dr. Fasbinder from the University of Michigan school of dentistry.

April 2015. Dr. Kempton and Traci completed Dawson Academy's Dental Institute for Systemic Health. Studying the Bale and Doneen Method for cardiovascular health with Brad Bale MD.

November 2014. Dr. Arms travelled to the Dominican Republic to provide dental implants to under-served persons.

October 2014. Dr. Kempton and Traci begin a 6 month training course relating our over-all health to our oral health. The course is based on a recent Harvard medical study that has the medical community expecting dental professionals to begin reducing oral bacterial infections, from decay and gum disease, to prevent medical disease.

October 2014. Carole, Sherrie, Ashley, and Rob attend a continuing education course regarding the latest in periodontic technology allowing same day implants for the entire mouth, orthodontic referral recommendations and nutrition for a high sugar world.

August 2014. Carole, Traci, Sherrie, Ashley, and Rob attended a continuing education course on decay and protocol to reduce decay in patients that are considered high risk. The utilization of fluoride varnish, calcium, and xylitol are all considered the latest tools in the fight against decay.

June 2014. Lori represented Team LifeSMILES on the track as the American Cancer Relay-For-Life event took place. Lori recruited 10 walkers and hosted a Yahtzee tournament as-well-as sitting as a Luminary Chair person.

April 2014. Dr. Arms attended a Photo Mission trip to a Native American Reservation in Arizona to document and bring attention to the poor living conditions that Native Americans live.

March 2014. LifeSMILES begins using Sirona® 3D panograph machine for full-mouth series x-rays. Dr. Arms selected this unit partly because it will greatly reduce the amount of exposure experienced by this series, while gathering information such as diagnosing dental infections, detecting tumors, monitoring unerupted teeth, planning implant placement and so much more.

CPR Certification. February of 2014, Your LifeSMILES team re-certified on proper CPR techniques, at Baker College, Cadillac. Our goal is to ensure that all our team members are using current techniques.

Atlanta, Georgia. The LifeSMILES Team attended a conference in Atlanta, Georgia in January of 2014, to learn and discuss new verbal and visual techniques to better explain treatment to patients and how to educate the general public about the services we provide for complete health.

Dr. John Kempton joins the LifeSMILES Team as Dr. Bethany Piziks retires from daily dental practice to pursue her new career full-time as a mentor and trainer.

June 21-22, 2013 Lori H. logged in numerous laps around the track at the annual Wexford County Relay for Life. She was assisted in laps by JoAnn and Traci.

Project Connect. Dr. Arms, Mandy and Mindy participated at this event in April 2013. This project brings businesses together with people who are in need of assistance and close to becoming homeless. Dr. Arms offered dental screenings with the help of Mandy and Mindy.

February 14, 15, 2012. Dr. Arms, Dr. Piziks, and your entire LifeSMILES Complete Health Dental Team travelled to Ft. Lauderdale Florida for a course on Complete Health Dentistry. We learned methods for presenting Complete Health Dentistry to You, Our Patients and the Cadillac Community. We are encouraged to reach out to our local dental community in an effort to provide Complete Dental Health to our community, and state. Our course discussed how the dental world is transforming to a Complete Health industry and how we are very important in providing the care and education needed for this transition.

December 5, 6, and 7, 2012. Dr. Arms, Dr. Piziks, Lori, and Mandy travelled to Scottsdale Arizona for Level II training for the CEREC (R) by Sirona. The CEREC (R) by Sirona is the newest technology we have brought into the LifeSMILES dental office to provide the most advanced dental care possible in Cadillac, Michigan. With this device we can make your crowns in a single visit. You will no longer have to experience messy impressions with this new system. No temporary crowns are needed either. You will have your crowns made right before your eyes. This 2 and a half day extensive course was to advance techniques used by our team using the CEREC (R) guidelines for fabricating molar and bicuspid crowns in this office. During this lecture and hands-on course, Lori and Mandy learned the latest techniques for glazing and tinting crowns to create the most realistic looking finished crowns. Dr. Arms and Dr. Piziks each worked one-on-one with their own mentors to improve their familiarity with the CEREC (R) by Sirona software to create an efficient and productive scheduled visit. These mentors provided both Doctors with proven methods to speed up crown designs that give Dr. Arms and Dr. Piziks an extra edge for their fabrication. This course also provided hints for helpful digital tools available for your team to design your crown to be made in a one day visit.

Your Team Members Walk for Life. Your LifeSMILES Dentistry team participated in the Wexford County Relay For Life event at the Cadillac area School's Veteran's Memorial Stadium. This event took place June 22 through 23 during a 24 hour period. The LifeSMILES team raised well above our $1,100 goal by raising $3458. We want to Thank-you our Patients, Friends and Families for all your generous support of us in this wonderful program.

LifeSMILES Team Members are participating in the American Cancer Society's Relay for Life night in Cadillac Michigan. The event is scheduled for noon June 22nd through noon June 23rd 2012. Donations are being accepted at our office during regular business hours. Anyone interested in participating in this wonderful program with us is encouraged to contact us soon!
Relay for Life is a fun-filled overnight event that celebrates survivorship and raises money to help your American Cancer Society save lives and create a world with more birthdays. Relay participants celebrate those who have battled cancer, remember loved ones lost, and fight back against a disease that takes so much. More information can be found at Wexford County Relay for Life.

LifeSmiles Team Members Learn New Techniques for Creating Natural Smiles

When a patient needs a crown to protect a damaged tooth and recomplete his or her smile, only a comfortable, lifelike restoration will do. On September 22, 2011, Lori, Mandy and Sue visited D.H. Baker Dental Lab in Traverse City to learn about a new tool - the Vita 3D Shade Guide - that helps technicians create beautiful, realistic crowns. Lead ceramist, Bob, guided our team through hands-on exercises that taught new techniques that will help us to provide our patients with even better porcelain restorations. These skills will make our patients' experiences even more special at LifeSMILES.

The "New" Perio Disease - Inflammatory and Risky

This course, presented by Samuel B. Low, DDS, MS, and sponsored by Dr. Joseph Amalfitano explored the link between periodontitis (advanced gum disease) and the overall health of the body. Advancements in technology are leading to better preventive care and diagnosis of this disease, as well as new treatments that are available to you.

The Mouth-Body Connection

Presented by Gary Kadi, this seminar discussed your oral health and its effect on the health of your body. For example, gum disease has been linked to heart disease, strokes, diabetes, some cancers, and preterm, low birth weight. This course was instrumental in the creation of our Healthy Mouth Baseline - a standard of care that you will receive on each visit to our office.

Unleashing the Power of Emotional Intelligence

This multi-day course, attended by our entire team, explored research that show that high achievement is primarily rooted in Emotional Intelligence, and less reliant on technical competency. Emotional Intelligence is closely connected to one's motivation, enthusiasm and clarity of purpose. The principles outlined by Dr. Bob Frazer at this seminar help the LifeSMILES team in relating to all of our patients, and in keeping up a high standard of care day-in and day-out.

The Annual Chicago Mid Winter Meeting

Once again our entire Team attended The Annual Chicago Mid Winter Meeting February 21 – 22, 2008. Classes attended are as follows:

  • Teamwork In The Dental Office
  • Achieve “Wow” Patient Service
  • Guidelines For Treating Dental Trauma
  • Communication In The Dental Office
  • Insurance and Accounts Receivable Course
  • Stress Free Oral Surgery For The General Dentist
  • Esthetics In Dentistry
  • Osteoporosis…Not Just Grandma’s Disease
  • Ergonomics In The Dental Office
  • Allergy or Skin Irritation & Diagnosis Treatment & Management of Carpel Tunnel

Today’s Update for Periodontics and Implant Surgeries

Presented by Dr. Joseph Amalfitano
May 2, 2008 held at McGuires Resort in Cadillac, MI.
The course was attended by Sue, Lori, Carole, Rob, Mindy, & JoAnn.

Temporary Crowns Made Easy, A System That Works

Presented by Dr. John Merrill
May 15, 2008 held at DH Baker Dental Lab in Traverse City, MI.
The course was attended by Dr. Arms and clinical assistants Lori and Sue.

Local Anesthetic Course

Presented at Ferris State University
Carole Meads, RDH and Robert Schuster, RDH have both successfully completed the Michigan Anesthetic Licensure Training Program at Ferris State University. The course consisted of classroom hours, and clinical training under the supervision of a registered instructor. Rob and Carole also passed the Northeast Regional Board Exam and are now State Licensed to administer local anesthesia.

June 2-5, 2008: San Francisco, CA

Dr. Brock Arms attended a course instructed by Newton Fahl, DDS, MS. Many consider Dr. Fahl to be the top clinician in bonded, tooth-colored, composite restorations. Dr. Arms enhanced his skills in the artistry of composite placement to achieve stunning results for you and your smile.

The Annual Chicago Mid Winter Meeting 2009

Once again our entire team attended The Annual Chicago Mid Winter Meeting February 26 – 27, 2009. Classes attended are as follows:

  • Lasers in Dentistry: Their many uses
  • Effective Communication Skills and Enrollment
  • Extraordinary Services: A Dental Necessity
  • Triple Your Recall for Patients Names
  • Your Practice and Treating Snoring and Sleep Apnea
  • Where Does Dentistry Fit Into the Puzzle?
  • Creating the Ultimate Doctor - Patient Hygiene Exam
  • The New Periodontal Message
  • The Good, The Bad and The Ugly: Treating Periodontitis
  • Managing Patients with Reported Allergy to Materials