• Jenniffer Eastman

    I first started getting my teeth worked on 3 years ago. At that time, I had the biggest fear of dentists and suffered major anxiety just from going for cleanings. My experience was worsened with the previous dentist I had went to. I then found out about LifeSMILES through my boyfriend. I had taken him to one of his appointments, and as soon as I walked into the waiting room, I had gotten a good feeling of the place. The atmosphere was calming, and the staff was extremely friendly and welcoming. I decided I was going to set up an appointment with these dentists and see how it goes. My teeth were so bad at that time, the only two I had that I saw no decay in were my bottom two front teeth. Everything else was decayed at massive levels. I thought for sure my only option would be total removal and having to get dentures. At 25 years old, this was not a desireable thought. Just after going for my initial consultation, I knew this was my choice of dentists. I was given a thorough exam, and afterwards, Dr. Arms asked me "This is where I recommend we start, but where do YOU want to start? How do YOU want to go about this?" Most dentists I have been to would not say that, they go about it how they want to. Dr. Arms lets you make the decisions, and he makes the experience so much easier. He was able to save every single tooth but one. And the one tooth he couldn't save, he replaced with a dental implant; which feels just like a regular tooth. I was able to keep every other tooth, and not have to undergo too extensive of treatment. And best of all, everything is tooth colored, I do not have to worry about having a mouth full of mercury! I was never in too much pain. Even the way they give the shots to numb your mouth, makes them almost to the point where you cant even feel them! I was able to get my whole mouth restored with mainly just simple fillings. A majority of the people i know are terrified of going to the dentist, including me. However, after my second treatment, I actually would get excited and looked forward to future visits. Such as a fact, I would plan my treatments as close together as possible. I am a very low-income full time worker, and LifeSMILES was so wonderful in working out payment plans with me that made it easily affordable. Even when I would run into a financial problem, they were great at helping me re-arrange things to suit my needs. I had my final treatment this week, and I must say; after 7 total extractions (including wisdom teeth), 17 fillings, a root canal, and a dental implant, I feel better than I did 3 years ago! Before I had such low self esteem and found it hard to smile, but now I'm smiling all the time and my self esteem has been boosted and also the pride I carry!!! Thank you LifeSMILES for putting the pride back in my smile!!!!!!

  • Michael

    I just want to say what a great team you are! My crowns were truly painless and you resolved my apprehensions. I can't thank you enough for you and your team's caring considerations!

  • Dr. Chuck

    A trip to the dentist- an experience often associated with anxiety and discomfort-was recently quite the opposite. The office team member, who called the day earlier as a reminder, met me when I arrived. Dr. Brock Arms effectively explained the procedures and options and then performed them with a quiet competence. His approach to local anesthesia was simpler than I had previously experienced and very effective. And he called the evening after the visit to see how I was doing. My experience with Dr. Arms and his team was excellent and well worth the trip from Manistee. He is also a pretty good fly fisher. Thanks.

  • Mark H.

    Thanks to Mandy and Bethany for giving me a hard push to get into see a doctor. I feel all of you at LifeSMILES truly care about us as people not only a patient.