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Date: June 15, 2015
From time to time, science and technology bring to light evidence that certain practices we engage in, or have long held as "true" and predictable may in fact be suspect or flawed. When an individual, organization, or a profession finds themselves in a new reality, one capable of providing better outcomes than previously known, we change! Dentistry is now being challenged by new and relevant medical evidence that will impact the health and well-being of all our patients.
Bacteria cause gums to bleed, not the plaque and tartar. The same pathogens causing oral tissues to bleed are found at the epicenter of a significant number of heart attacks and strokes. Those pathogens are causative for diabetes, Alzheimer's, colorectal cancer, and a number of other systemic inflammatory diseases. The facts are irrefutable.
The past standard of care for attaining healthy gums included, "scaling and polishing" to mechanically remove bacteria. We know now that this technique disrupts the growth of these dangerous pathogens, but it does not eliminate them. The bacteria have been found to re-colonize quickly and be available to move throughout the body to damage elsewhere within twenty-one days of a routine dental cleaning.
This is what we know now; the dental team can identify the organisms that persist to cause systemic damage. We can eliminate them with antibiotic and antimicrobial therapy that is specific for the exact pathogen [s] that is [are] dominant when gums are found to be bleeding.
In addition, the practice will become active in discussing sleep quality, sleep studies for our patients, and dental appliances for treatment of some sleep apnea patients. Patients with evidence of cardiovascular disease, diabetes, and gum disease tend to be also troubled with sleep apnea.
What you can expect are conversations about your overall health. In addition, discussions about risk factors that impact longevity accelerated by oral bacteria. We will encourage and support the act of making healthy dietary choices, and you may be requested to consider salivary testing when any points of inflammatory bleeding cannot be resolved.
At LifeSmiles complete health dentistry, we remain committed to a healthy life and healthy smile.
Your dental team can save your life and extend your life by using this knowledge as part of a routine experience in our office.

Your partners in health,
Your LifeSmiles complete health dentistry team

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